Discover how to LOSE 31 Pounds of ugly body fat in 31 DAYS using these 3 simple secrets to speed up your metabolism and flatten your stomach.
Most people dream of that ideal body – lean and ripped. They see it as a fantasy that is untouchable.
But the truth is, it doesn’t matter where you are, that dream is not a fantasy. You can have it.

In this 31 Day Transformation Meal Plan going to share with you the 3 Simple Secrets to help you achieve the body you always wanted. These secrets have helped my clients and myself shed 31 pounds in 31 days.

This program was created and designed for everyone who has weight to lose. It was initially created for our clients who wanted to start losing weight and get into a healthy lifestyle routine.

Our 31 Day Transformation Meal Plan was designed for anyone to use even after the 31 days is over by simply mixing up the weekly plans. It will set you up for continued weight loss and get you on the right track for a healthier new you.
Hi my name is Tate Norris and I am the creator of the 31 Day Transformation Plan. I also own and operate 14 transformation centers in Washington & California, and founded which is the worlds largest free online fitness community. 

I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years and I am a fitness specialist but better known as a transformation specialist.   

At 16 years of age I knew I had a passion for helping people with health and fitness and transforming their lifestyles. Since then, I have witnessed first-hand clients make drastic positive improvements in their overall health and fitness level inside and out.
I myself have had my own struggles with weight. I am obviously not genetically blessed with the cover model physique; 6’4’’ and I have averaged 260lbs since high school. After years of athletics and a serious injury in college I maxed out at 334lbs.

Being a fitness professional I found myself highly depressed and I felt that I would never get back to my ideal fitness level. 

What made matters worse is that I sat behind a desk all day and was not living the healthy lifestyle that I promoted. It finally hit me when I walked in for my monthly physical and checkup of my latest injury and the doctor told me how out of shape I was. He also said that I may never be able to run or do Olympic style lifting again.
Instead of being upset I was very upset and mad at myself. I did not like what he told me and did not want that for my future. So I started working out again - harder than I ever had before. I would wake up some days and literally not be able to get out of bed because I pushed myself too hard. 

I soon lost 20 pounds and three months after that checkup I ran my first 5k since my injury. I made a commitment to myself to work out every day and eat right. To BE active. 

I personally know that there are no excuses to being unhealthy. You can change your mind, physique and nutrition if you can destroy any excuse that comes your way. Every day I wake up and strive to be better in health and help others do the same. Everyone is on the same journey.
Main Issue with Fat Loss Diets: When the Diet is Over, All the Weight Comes Right Back
In a few short months it is estimated that 95% of people on a diet plan will gain back all the weight they lost. In some cases the will gain back even more weight then what they lost.

The problem with crash diets is that they completely trash your metabolism. By cutting calories back too far you are in an extreme calorie deficit. When the diet is over and you return to eating your normal amount of food your now slow metabolism can’t do anything and fat begins to store in your body. BOOM – you are right back to where you started. 

This creates a constant cycle for most. Burn the fat and gain it back – program after program. 
No permanent fat loss solution in site. 

Maybe this is you – caught in a vicious cycle of diets and no idea how to get out of it.
Check Out Some Of The 1,000's Of Transformations Below
This was me before I started the 31 Day Transformation Meal Plan.  

Like many people out there I was insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin. I had no confidence in myself at all. I knew that my weight was starting to affect me not only physically, but mentally as well. I have always struggled with my weight and from that the insecurity’s branched out and evolved over time. I would stay at home and watch TV or binge eat in my room away from the eyes of my roommates.   

I have tried multiple diets and pills but nothing has given me lasting results. I would do really well and lose 20 pound here or there, but the minute I stopped the program I gained it all back and then some. Sound familiar? 

This picture was the final straw for me. I started to realize I did not like getting my picture taken, and when I was in a picture I put myself to the back to hide myself. I realized that the only way to get healthy was to take control. And that is what this program gave me.
This is me now. The 31 Day Transformation Meal Plan changed my life. Not only did I lose 22 pounds of fat, but I gained muscle as well! My journey started a year ago and I still use this plan today. I have currently lost 65 pounds and continue to drop pounds each month!

This 31 Day Transformation Meal Plan has no get skinny quick pills or the secret fat burning food that will have fat melting off your body. It is made up of clean healthy foods that will help get your body to stop craving processed foods and start craving the good foods like fruits and lean proteins. 

But I am not the only one with results from this amazing program – check out the following results from real life people just like you and me! 

- Melissa
When I heard about the meal plan, I was a little apprehensive –actually very apprehensive. I liked my sweets (especially my chocolate) and I was not eager to give them up. I was also going to miss the dairy. However, it was not that hard to follow the plan and I stuck with it. I like how it changed each week. It was like a reward to move to the next level.

Since then, I have drastically changed the way I eat and have learned to say no. I still have my chocolate from time to time and I can sweeten with stevia if the desire hits me. I stressed out at first when I was travelling and eating out. I quickly discovered that most menu items are not in my meal plan. I do the best I can and eventually realized that “universe ending paradoxes” would not ensue if I ate off plan for a couple meals. I wasn’t going to starve myself! To summarize, my eating habits have greatly changed for the better and I have enjoyed trying new foods. 

- Sandra
My experience with the meal plan has been a positive one. As it stands already, I am unable to process dairy, wheat and most grains, so it wasn’t a huge stretch for me to take on the meal plan. I don’t eat a lot of processed foods in general, either, so I was pretty prepared for how the meal plan was going to be a benefit to me. What I lacked experience in was counting calories- the meal plan is an excellent guide for building in healthy options as you’re counting calories.

As someone who’s never counted before, the meal plan made it really simple to find foods that are healthy, lower in calories, higher in fuel- and put them together for really great “whole” meals. I appreciate the support in having the meal plan all spelled out week by week, instead of having to go out and gather all of the information on healthy eating on my own.  

I can imagine for someone who’s been eating processed junk their whole lives, coming into this program with no knowledge of eating whole foods, it must be quite difficult to put all of it together without the support of this meal plan and the NW Fit team (Melissa and Tate) to provide guidance. 

-Melissa F
I have been following the 31 Day Transformation Meal Plan with little variation for the past two and a half months and it has changed my life. With the meal plan in combination with the workouts I have begun to look at food different in how it relates to my body and how I feel. I am starting to see food as fuel not a recreation. The meal plan is so simple and is full of all the foods I like. I have never been a real picky eater and I love to cook so it is not hard to come up with really great healthy recipes. The plan is not complicated nor is it restrictive. After the first couple of weeks the feeling of hunger is not a desperate feeling because you don’t have the highs and lows from too many carbohydrates and sugars. What has worked best for me personally, is planning my meals ahead of time and then doing meal prep the day before my work week starts. This way I don’t have to think about what I will be eating and it leaves little room for eating the wrong foods on a whim. I am excited about my future and my new active lifestyle.

I notice that when I follow the meal plan I just feel better overall. When I cut out grains and processed foods, I have more energy and I don’t feel bloated and puffy. Eating lots of lean protein and veggies keeps me feeling full and satisfied. I’m paying more attention to food labels now. It’s amazing how much “stuff” is in a lot of our food that we don’t typically think about.

I leave my house at 5am every morning for work, so I’m all about convenience. I have found that if I plan ahead then the meal plan is easy to follow. If I don’t then my selection of food here at work is more limited…either egg white omelets for breakfast or salad bar at lunch! 

Why Try My 31 Day Transformation
Meal Plan?
Simply because it works! You have seen some of the testimonials above but here is why I created this plan and am now sharing it with you.

I was looking for a way to make my clients feel even better about their weight loss journey and get them better results. The exercise programs I implemented in my transformation boot camps along the west coast were successful, but I was not happy with the results I was getting. I knew that my clients could be more successful. 

My clients would exercise and work hard, but when it came to the kitchen it was one big disaster. I realized that my clients had no clue how to eat or fuel their bodies correctly. Because of this startling realization I created this simple and easy plan to help them transform their lifestyle inside the gym and out. 

To test this program out and see what kind of impact it would add to my program I did a case study using 200 of my clients and split them into 2 groups. Group A received the exercise plan and the 31 Day Transformation Meal Plan, while Group B received just the exercise plan. 

At the end of the 31 days the results from Group A that followed the meal plan and exercise revealed that a loss of 31 or more pounds was achievable and were all around more successful. 98% of them all were able to stick with the program and continue to use the meal plan today. They also noticed a positive change to their mood and all around mental state and were able to enjoy their family and life so much more.   

Results from Group B revealed only a loss of 7-10 pounds, and only 56% of them were successful in following and completing the 31 day exercise plan. They did not feel like they accomplished as much as they thought was possible. 

After seeing these extreme results I decided that all my transformation centers needed to include this plan! I knew it would provide the extra boost my clients needed to not only start losing weight, but to continue the transformation and turn it into a healthy lifestyle. 
I realized that it was selfish of me to keep this to myself and just my clients – that is why I am sharing with you now. 

You are here because you are looking to transform your life, and that is great! This tool is going to give you exactly what you need to start your transformation to a healthier life.
31 Day Transformation Meal Plan
The 31 Day Transformation Meal Plan Will:
  • Quickly shed weight in four weeks as well as continued loss for as long as you are on this plan.
  •  Improve your overall health so that you are looking and feeling great! 
  •  Teach you how to fuel your body the right way and turn your metabolism up! 
  •  Show you specific meal ideas for you to follow. Then take what you learn and change it up with your own personal touch.
But wait…………… There’s more!
Because I want you to succeed I am adding in some additional tools to take your transformation to the next level.
When you order now you will get:
  • 3 Secrets to Speed Up Your Metabolism
  •  BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) Calculator 
  •  Grocery List 
  •  Basic Calorie Index for all the foods on your grocery list 
  •  Food log to help you stay on track during your 4 weeks and beyond 
  •  Access to my weekly fitness newsletters and videos 
  •  Access to our Transformation webinars
You get this entire 8 component program for an amazing discounted price of only $5.99!
That’s right only $5.99
Order today and take advantage of this deal and start transforming your body today!
It’s all guaranteed!
That’s right, I’m assuming ALL of the risk.
I’m so confident this will be the most effective fat burning program you’ve ever tried that I am willing to offer it to you completely risk free.

Try it out for 31 days and if at any time during those 31 days you are not completely satisfied with your results I’ll give you 100% of your money back! No hassle, no questions asked. 

Why would I do this? Because I believe in this program and know that you will get amazing results by following the 31 Day Transformation Meal Plan.
Share your results!
After you finish your 31 day Transformation send us a before and after picture! We love seeing the transformations our program provides.

I know this program will Transform your life like it has Thousands of others and I cannot wait to hear your story of Transformation. 

Committed to your health and fitness goals,
Tate Norris
Tate Norris
Transformation & Fitness Specialist
P.S I Look Forward To Working With You